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🤗 Supporting Parents: Helping Your Child Build Healthy Relationships 🤝
Parenting comes with many challenges, and one common concern is when your child has difficulty making friends and forming healthy relationships. First and foremost, remember that you're not alone, and there are ways to support your child on this journey. Listen and Empathize: Start by actively listening to your child's feelings and concerns. Let them […]
Find Peace in Every Breath: How Counseling Unlocks Relief from Panic Attacks
Panic attacks are sudden, intense episodes of fear and distress that can occur due to various factors. They are often linked to an excessive fight-or-flight response triggered by the brain's misinterpretation of perceived threats. Common reasons for panic attacks include: Stress and Anxiety: High stress and anxiety levels can lead to panic attacks. Stressors like […]
Tips to be more assertive
1. Use “I” statements: Express your thoughts, feelings, and needs using “I” words to take ownership of your perspective. For example, say, “I think” or “I feel,” instead of “you make me” or “you should.” 2. Be direct and clear: State your message straightforwardly and concisely, avoiding vague or ambiguous language. This helps others understand […]
Five Step Guide to Whistleblowing
Whistleblowing can be a courageous but necessary act. Here's a five-step guide to whistleblowing with confidence: Understand the Laws: Familiarise yourself with whistleblower protection laws for free from Citizens advice and source any relevant company policies. Knowing your rights is crucial. Document Everything: Keep detailed records of the misconduct you report, including dates, times, people […]
The Transformative Power of Counselling: Understanding Why It Works
Introduction Counselling, a process of talking and sharing emotions with a trained professional, has gained immense recognition for its effectiveness in promoting mental well-being and facilitating personal growth. This article delves into the underlying mechanisms that make counselling a powerful tool for individuals seeking support, exploring the psychological, physiological, and interpersonal factors contributing to its […]

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