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What is the secret to healthy relationships?
Healthy relationships are built on several key building blocks: 1. Communication: Open and honest communication is fundamental. It involves active listening, expressing feelings, and addressing concerns constructively. 2. Trust: Trust forms the foundation of a strong relationship. It's built over time through reliability, honesty, and consistency in actions. 3. Respect: Mutual respect is essential. It […]
Singing in the Shower
Next time you find yourself singing in the shower remember… Singing has been shown to: • Boost cellular oxygenation • Create connection and communion • Decrease cortisol • Ease grief • Enhance speaking skills in those vocally challenged, such as stroke victims • Improve cognitive function • Improve immunity • Increase relaxing dopamine and melatonin […]
Feeling disconnected with your emotions?
Disembodiment, rooted in childhood conditioning, often involves learning to suppress emotions to appease parental figures. This suppression may lead to difficulties expressing feelings as an adult, hindering the natural release of oxytocin and endorphins that regulate emotional well-being. Many were not taught how to navigate a spectrum of emotions and were instead discouraged from fully […]
Three simple ways to upright your wellbeing and mental health
Sing like nobody is listening When was the last time you sang like nobody was listening? There’s a science behind the feel-good factor of singing; it isn’t just a placebo. Studies show that singing releases endorphins, your “happy” chemicals, and lowers levels of your stress hormone cortisol. Singing can also evoke nostalgia and comfort, as […]
Are you in a healthy relationship?
Ever been in a relationship that felt like a rollercoaster of emotions? Sometimes, what seems like love may actually be a toxic dance with a narcissist. They can charm you with attention, but it's a carefully crafted illusion. True love is about mutual respect, not a one-sided performance. Don't mistake manipulation for affection. Know the […]
From Bullying to People-Pleasing: Unraveling the Connection
Bullying is a traumatic experience that can have a lasting impact on individuals, shaping various aspects of their lives. One expected outcome of being bullied is the development of a people-pleasing tendency. But why do some survivors of bullying become eager to please others? Let's explore the connection between bullying and people-pleasing. 1. The Need […]

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