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Employment Tribunal: What I wish I knew going in

Just wrapped up my time as a litigant in an employment tribunal, and boy, have I learned some lessons! Here’s what I wish I knew going in:

1. Consider a Barrister: If you can afford it, get one. They’re worth their weight in gold. (even though I would hate my daughter to marry one) But if you're like me and don't have endless cash, brace yourself.
2. Education Isn’t Enough: No matter how much you study employment law, the opposing Barrister will make you feel like you’re just learning your ABCs. They’re pros for a reason.
3. Ignore the Barrister’s Antics: They'll pull faces, nod, and chuckle while you give evidence. Reassure your inner parent desperate to say - if the wind changes, your face will stay that way!
4. Spin City: If you thought politics was full of spin, welcome to the tribunal. They can make your saintly Aunt Mary seem like the Antichrist.
5. All-Consuming: It will take over your thoughts. Prepare for that.
6. Forget Logic: Trying to make sense of it all with logic? Don’t bother. It doesn’t apply here.
7. Preparation is Key: Focus on the list of issues to be decided. Tailor your witness questions to fit. This will save you a ton of time and stress.
8. Whistleblower Woes: If you're a whistleblower, ensure your evidence fits the criteria precisely. I made the mistake of suggesting solutions to my ex-employer’s problems, which made it seem like an internal matter, not public interest.
9. Seek Counselling: The stress is immense and can trigger unresolved trauma. Don’t underestimate it—get support.

Navigating this process is tough, but these tips might help you keep your sanity intact. Stay strong! #EmploymentTribunal #LifeLessons #LegalJourney
Feeling overwhelmed by the stress of an employment tribunal or other legal battles? I’ve been there and I understand how it can affect your mental health. That’s why I offer tailored counselling support to help you manage the impact.
I’ll work with you to identify the emotional triggers and support you in finding the best path forward. I don’t give advice—I help you discover the solutions that work for you.

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