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ADHD Tips and Selfcare

ADHD - Getting through the day in a productive way:

  1. Use a dry-erase wall calendar to track appointments and deadlines, aiding with time management.
  2. Utilise colour to enhance memory retention, such as highlighting important dates and colour-coding tasks.
  3. Break tasks into smaller, manageable steps to prevent feeling overwhelmed and boost confidence.
  4. Employ the Pomodoro Technique: Work for 20 minutes, then take a 5-minute break, repeating as needed.
  5. Reframe negative thoughts about tasks into positive or realistic perspectives to encourage action.
  6. Create a 24-hour hot spot on your desk for urgent tasks to prevent them from being forgotten.
  7. Write important notes on paper and keep them in your pocket for easy access and reminders.
  8. Maximise smartphone features like notepad, reminders, and calendars with multiple alerts to meet deadlines effectively


ADHD - prepare for a restful night sleep:

  1. Set a wind-down alarm to signal the start of your bedtime routine, including powering down electronics and dimming lights.
  2. Use a happy lamp or get 20 minutes of early morning light exposure to regulate circadian rhythms.
  3. To address potential deficiencies, Consider melatonin supplements or melatonin-inducing snacks like tart cherry juice.
  4. Avoid caffeine within 5-7 hours before bedtime to ensure better sleep quality.
  5. Practice relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation to calm a racing mind and facilitate sleep.
  6. To enhance sleep quality and stability, Utilise noise machines, particularly those emitting pink noise.
  7. Maintain a room temperature of 65-68 °F (18-20 °C) for optimal sleep conditions and melatonin production.
  8. Establish a consistent wake-up time to regulate your body’s sleep system and hormone production.
  9. Enhance the sleep environment by using an eye mask or blackout curtains to promote darkness, which is crucial for melatonin release.
  10. Reserve the bed solely for sleep and intimacy to establish positive associations and improve sleep quality, known as stimulus control.

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